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NLT Accountants & Tax Practitioners SA, we help businesses from nothing to something. We assist businesses from deciding on best company names that speaks to the nature of business. Thereafter, we hold entrepreneurs by hand to realise their dreams through registering their businesses while offering professional advisory.

  • Mentorship – NLT Accountants & Tax Practitioners SA, we mentor small businesses to understand business operations. We mainly focus on compliancy, marketing, profitability and cost management.
  • Compliancy – NLT Accountants & Tax Practitioners SA, we assist businesses to ensure that they regularly submit the annual returns to Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC), provisional tax, annual tax returns, annual financial statements, returns on earning PAYE such as Emp201, Em501, IRP5 certificates and Value Added Tax Returns (VAT) all to South African Revenue Services (SARS) and reports due to National Credit Regulator (NCR) we help our clients to remain compliant.


  • PAYE, SDL & UIF Payroll Taxes, EMP201

We firstly ensure that our clients are registered as tax payers, i.e. we ensure that companies are registered as tax payers mainly for provisional tax, annual income tax return and Pay as You Earn (PAYE). In relation to PAYE we ensure that our clients as the company ensures that all its employees are registered and comply with tax requirements. We assist our clients with payroll and tax returns for employees (EM201) and with PAYE reconciliation (EM501).

  • Tax Clearance Certificate and IT34

Tax Clearance or tax compliant document is the document that confirms that companies or individual tax payers are compliant with South African Revenue Services (SARS). NLT Accountants & Tax Practitioners SA, assist clients to keep them compliant so that when Tax Clearance or tax compliant document is requested either by banks or any institution is available.

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  • Tax Planning

Together with our clients we plan or budget tax to be paid over to South African Revenue Services (SARS), either monthly, bi-annually or annually. This service helps our clients not to find themselves into heavy tax burdens.


  • VAT201 Value Added Tax

NLT Accountants & Tax Practitioners SA, register its clients for value added tax, this could be voluntarily or due to reaching a threshold of R 1,000,000.00 revenue generated and above. A vendor is required to submit VAT returns and make payments of the VAT liabilities (or claim a VAT refund) in accordance with the tax period allocated to the vendor. The VAT returns and payments are normally submitted / made on or before the 25th day after the end of the tax period. Late payments of VAT will attract a penalty and interest. Therefore we assist our clients to avoid a penalty and interest.


We are registered business accountants and tax practitioners, we are practicing as Accounting Officers. We offer monthly bookkeeping, Fixed Asset Register administration, accounting software systems, compilation of annual financial statements, bank reconciliations. Assign dedicated administrator. We provide dedicated administrator to provide assigned services to each client. This helps clients to be assisted instantly when require services. We ensure that assets register for our clients is kept alive so that we can account for assets business has acquired, calculate accurate depreciation.

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We offer monthly management accounts to our clients, this is monthly financial reporting this helps our clients to be always aware of inflow and outflow of cash in the business. QuickBooks & Receipt Bank are our accounting systems we utilise to manage accounting activities. These are automating accounting systems that helps both accounting firm and our clients to work effectively, faster and accurately. Payroll Administration & Reporting. Every month we issues payroll schedule to our clients before they make payments to employees, this service helps clients to pay accurate salaries & wages to its employees and also deduct appropriate third party deductions such as SARS or Labour deductions.


We consult our entrepreneurs and advise them about the reasonable business decisions that can be taken for the success of the business. We help businesses to save on tax. We advise them, about the right time to take certain business decisions. Lastly, we respond to clients business questions.

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